Five Points Lodge Stated Meeting

Good Afternoon Brothers,
Let us start off this week with prayers to all those that really need them. We have those who are being impacted by Hurricane Irma, those who were impacted by the Texas hurricane and let us not forget those who were made to suffer and continue to suffer back on September 11, 2001. Please take a moment and ask the Grand Architect for his assistance for these families and friends.

This year marks the sixteenth year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Many of us have those images ingrained into our minds, but those generations before us are not fully aware as to what occurred and how we use to live our lives prior to the attacks. I recommend that you take time to speak with those who are not familiar with all the events. In conjunction with the 9-11 anniversary, September is National Preparedness Month. Make sure that you and your families are prepared for whatever disasters may be thrown at you. This week is "Plan to help your neighborhood and community." Preparedness in this world we now live in is a must.

Brothers, we are one of the few remaining bodies where we see each other as equals. We need to make sure that this continues. With all of the crimes, threats of war, and the natural/man-made disasters, our Brotherhood is needed more than ever. We need to support our communities, help our neighbors and show the world what happens when people do not see differences between each other. We as Masons need to show everyone that working as equals makes our daily living much better.

Now, congratulations need to go out to Br. Ernie Rodriguez and Br. Gordon Mahon. Both are the newest recipients of the Scottish Rite title of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor. Congratulations Brothers! The title was well earned.

This week is another busy week for us. First, we begin the week with the monthly Scottish Rite stated meeting and end the week with our Five Points stated meeting.

- Monday, Sept. 11: No practice, Scottish Rite Stated Meeting at 7pm

- Thursday, Sept. 14: Five Points Lodge Stated Meeting, dinner at 6:30pm with meeting at 7:30pm

A special thank you must also be sent to Brother Dave Teague as he took on the training of several of us on the latter part of the Master Mason degree. Thank you Br. Teague for your wisdom.


Ismael B. Segovia, PM, WM
Five Points Lodge No. 1137

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Five Points Lodge
1505 Magruder
El Paso, TX 79925