El Paso Scottish Rite - Feast of Tishri

El Paso Scottish Rite Feast of Tishri
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An explanation of the Feast of Tishri
Illustrious Brother Lancaster, Most Worshipful Grand Master, Brethren Ladies and Guests Good Evening.
The title of tonight’s talk is “Freemasonry the Feast of Tishri and Why Scottish Rite is important.”
According to the Book of Forms and Traditions of the Scottish Rite The origins and significance of the Feast of Tishri make it the most of Scottish Rite festivals. Although originally celebrated as a harvest and gathering festival, no other occasion epitomizes the character and purpose of the Rite more wholly than our historic celebration, held in conjunction with the dedication of King Solomon’s Temple (2 Chronicles 7:8-10). To marshal the meanings of the feast is to summarize the principal ideals and traditions of our Fraternity.
So today at this Feast of Tishri we gather as Scottish Rite Masons with the Masonic Family of Utah remembering and reaffirming who we are. This celebration is done by us so as to re-dedicate ourselves to the purposes, charities and beliefs of what we hold so dear within the Masonic Fraternity. This is why this re-affirmation if you will is considered as one of the obligatory observances of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.
Scottish Rite in Utah is important though for a number of reasons.
Some of the first occasions where one may meet other Brethren not from their own lodge is in the Scottish Rite. As I have said in the past a newly made Mason sometimes has no idea of the actual size of the Fraternity that he has just joined. Be it within or without the state. To him the confines of his own lodge may be his perception of the size of our fraternity.
Not until his first Reunion, Stated meeting or event such as the Feast of Tishri does it start to dawn on the new member as to the benefit of belonging to this Rite. His circle of companions increases and indeed the realization of the size of the Fraternity becomes more evident. He is part of something much larger. He is part of Masonic Family of Utah.
Also according to the Book of Forms the Feast teaches the equality and unity of all members where a warm spirit of fraternal fellowship is fostered. Looking around this room you will find this to be true. This occasion may also be the first time for us to introduce our spouses, partners, family and friends to the Masonic Fraternity.
My first Feast of Tishri was an interesting one as I did not know or more correctly listen, as my wife would say that it was in Ogden. So unfortunately due to my own failings I missed it.
The following year my peers and I made the trek to Ogden for this “Feast of Tishri”. Now to newly made Scottish Rite Masons some ten years ago we were not sure what to expect. Was this Feast of Tishri what was being served for dinner or was it in fact an event of the Scottish Rite.
Now in all seriousness though we gained knowledge thereof a few things. Scottish Rite Ceremonies and Festivals are loaded with symbolism that may take a lifetime to learn. And this annual event was just one in many in our journey for more light.
We also found we had more friends and Brothers in Ogden and now we were able to put names with faces the next time our paths crossed at a regular meeting in Salt Lake City.
And most important of all one must always remember to make reservations with our Brother Mel Walker.
If we look to one of the lessons of the 30th Degree paraphrased for obvious reasons. It is said, “We do not believe that the many legends we recite are necessarily truths but that we do speak in a language of symbolism”.
Keeping that in mind, once again in the Book of Forms and Traditions The Feast of Tishri, this Jewish Holiday in remembrance of the dedication of King Solomon’s Temple was adopted into the Scottish Rite and is then celebrated by us as Masons as “we” are the allegorical inheritors of King Solomon’s Legacy.
“Freemasonry” offers many things to many people. Scottish Rite the philosophical college of Freemasonry offers much more. Beyond that Scottish Rite’s very expanse in Utah fosters new friendships and brotherhood throughout the state.
The Feast of Tishri, this symbolic celebration of re-dedication to our beliefs and to the Rite. This Masonic Feast of Feasts allows us to join together as one Masonic Family.
All of us no matter what creed, color, religion, or political persuasion gather at this table of thanks.
What a wonderful thing that Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite in particular offers us this beautiful outlet we share here tonight.
Thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of your evening.
Forms and Traditions Of The Scottish Rite
C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33 Sovereign Grand Commander
Copyright 2000 The Supreme Council, 33,S.J., USA

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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